Nutaku Game


Overview of Nutaku Game


This is an adult gaming store having titles which are erotic and strictly reserved for 18+. The app store is not available on google play store. The tough regulations and policies on adult content have restricted the entry of this apk in the Google play store.

The virtual reality porn business will accumulate approximately $1 billion business by 2025. This shows the appetite of the audience for entertaining, fantasizing, sensual, kinky and erotic content in Nutaku Review 2021



About Nutaku Review 2021


Google does not allow any erotic or sexual content in its library but that obviously does not mean people don’t watch such content or games. The data from trusted sources reveal that porn sites and sexual content are much more viral and viewed by the audience.


The rate of distribution and popularity of sexual content is much higher than total conventional non-sexual content on Amazon Prime, Netflix and other trusted streaming platforms.


The young minds need a regular dose of content to remain satisfied and entertained. Nutaku is one such store where you have millions of adult games, videos and applications. These are catalogued to make the search easier.


It also provides a regular update of the already installed games and applications.


There are simulators, puzzles and RPG and much more to explore. It’s a different kind of app store where you get entertaining sensual games to play.



Exclusive Features of Nutaku Game


🔴 Free to download

🔴  Requires Android Version 5.0 or above.

🔴 To download this apk you need to go to settings and tick the box displaying “Allow download from unknown sources.”


Games listed on Nutaku


Nutaku has some of the best erotic, exciting games to fulfil your fantasies and keep you interested. You can explore different titles and gamble across your fantasies in the game. The graphics may not offer a highly realistic view but it’s fun.


🔴 Fenoxo.

🔴 Gamcore.

🔴 Comdotgame.

🔴 Wet pussy games

🔴 Games of desire.

🔴 Girlvania.

🔴 Playforceone.

🔴 Porn games.

🔴 Meet and fuck games.

🔴 HentaiHeroes.

🔴 Cunt Wars.

🔴Fap Titans.

🔴 Smutstone.

🔴Red Light Center.

🔴 Pussy Saga.


🔴 The lesson of Passion.

🔴 Crystal Maidens.

🔴 Fap CEO.

🔴 MNF Club.

🔴 Pocket Waifu.

🔴 3dxchat.

🔴 Yareel.

🔴Booty Calls.

Price Range description for games on Nutaku store

Amber the Secretary soft gaming mat (Fap CEO)

Anika the Nurse soft gaming mat (Fap CEO)

Chloe the Shy One soft gaming mat (Fap CEO)

Dita the Model soft gaming mat (Fap CEO)

Limited Edition Waifu Wars Photo Paper Poster
$23.50 – $33.50

The Console by Nutaku

Specifications of the Console by Nutaku


🔴HDMI port
🔴 2 x USB ports
🔴Silicone covered shell with flesh like feel
🔴 Power button
🔴Audio jack
🔴External power supply
🔴 Wireless internet connection
🔴 Pre-installed library of free-to-play and premium adult titles


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Best Adults Games 




Cock of Duty





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  • About Nutaku Review 2021
  • Exclusive Features of Nutaku Game
  • Games listed on Nutaku
  • Specifications of the Console by Nutaku
  • Cheat Codes: Nutaku 
  • Conclusion

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