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People looking forward to quick sexual encounters or focusing on casual flings, then believe me Xpress.com is all over just built-up only for you guys. Visiting upon the Website, you gonna feel it as a regular Dating Platform covered by the hottest pics of babies on and off. Scrolling the Landing Page, Xpress.com review has guaranteed and proved to work on the principle of “get laid as quickly as possible.”

The sexual idea of the site is likewise clear once you’re inside; prominently, in your profile, you are permitted to determine whether you are an escort or not. Clients are additionally urged to post “video profiles,” and bareness in profile pictures is permitted and typical, especially on the off chance that you search under the “most blazing profile” segment. New individuals can likewise round out their profile with broad data about their sexual history and inclinations, in spite of the fact that there are additionally various character-driven inquiries.

Xpress.Com is an amazing dating site for those who are looking for quick hookups. The main page of the site just looks the same as other dating sites and further if the user reads, then they may find the site claiming it as a place to get quick hookups. The nature of the site seems to be sexual and entertaining. The site promotes more for 'video profiles' from their users and a bit of nudity in their profile pictures. There is a section named as hottest where one may find an extreme best collection of hotties. The new member of the site should provide partial information as possible. They can even tell about their sexual history, desire and preferences.

About Xpress.com Review


Xpress.com is also been recognized and most popular for its best matchmaking ratio and some other salient features. Moreover, individuals can likewise find each other through chat rooms and message sheets. The landing page once signed permits you to rapidly observe who has seen you and who the most up to date individuals are, and gives a rundown of site movement, showing how different individuals on the site have been communicating.

This dating site, as usual, segregated into two categories of paid package i.e silver and gold. However, Before Signing-in we must check their package details carefully so as to avoid upcoming circumstances. For example, viewing profile videos are only applicable to golden tier users whereas not for silver ones. Perhaps, Xpress.com has a “Get Laid Guarantee” of 100 Days.

The searching and matching of an individual depends on the data given by the users. Besides this, the user can also discover and enjoy through messages in the chat room. The home page once logged in is quick to show who has viewed the user's profile and who are the new members on the site. There is also an option of 'site activity which just similar to the Facebook

Further, we will be discussing in detail but in short, one should know, the paid membership of the site is divided into two i.e Gold Membership and Silver Membership. The user should review each option before signing up. The profile video and bit more features are only available on Gold Membership. As a goodwill, the company promises its user for 100% "Get Laid Guarantee".



Signing-Up Process

The sign-up process on the site is quick and fast as other dating sites. The sign-up process can be initially done on the homepage itself. The user needs to provide an email to get started. The filling of the profile requires five photos, video, and then the personality questions asked by the site. These questions are related to the user itself. The site may also ask for the users willing match and their preference.

The user should be open and partial while providing all the information and it should be detailed. The site also asks about the users sexual history and he/she should be prepared for answering well. About 15 other questions are also asked that include favorite positions and sense of sex important. The site is very clear in this and seems to be very clear in asking the direct questions related to users preference, choice, and their mood.



Registering in Xpress.com


On the glance, the Registration Procedure of Xpress.com is short, simple, and held with minimum functionalities. The landing page itself ping us for the registration and just by including the required details we are accessible for Website’s Standard Features. For registration, Hit “Join Now” button placed on the HomePage and need to fill the above criteria:


🔴 Gender.

🔴 The gender you’re looking for.

🔴 Sexual orientation.

🔴 Country, District, and City.

🔴 Date of Birth.

🔴 Screen Name

🔴 Email Address.


After Clicking on “I agree to the terms above” your account will be created successfully. However, you’ve created your account on Xpress.com but the key factor for attracting yourself is just “Your Profile” which must be completed as guidance.




The total number of members on the site is claimed to be 58 Million. These numbers are also not clear but roughly it can be around it. The user can check who viewed their profile and who are the latest members to join in the site. The partiality of the site is very impressive and in this, it admits that they use "Online Emissaries" or made profiles to communicate with the members. The user can have a quick hookup but he/she should keep in mind that they have paid membership otherwise they can end up chatting with the bot.


Slient Features of Xpress.Com


There are many features available on the site that make it very impressive but some the special feature should be discussed separately -

🔴  This is the only dating site that give their user a 100 day get laid guarantee.

🔴  It includes many sexy photos and apart from that, it also has video profiles.

🔴 The interface of the site is very easy and it somehow matches with facebook-style.

🔴 The site provides special chat rooms and messaging areas for their premium members.

🔴 The site has a quick registration response




Some Negative Aspects 


We are here not to fake something and for this, it is necessary for everyone to know the negative aspects too.

🔴  All other sites generally have only one premium membership option while xpress.com has two paid membership structure and this means the features are too divided by this.

🔴  Though the site is really real but there are chances of bots account also.

🔴  The membership fees of the site is really costly than other sites.


Xpress.com Review: Community


Xpress.com is somewhat similar to Facebook having newsfeed, Notifications of the ongoing activities but unlike Facebook, here in Xpress.com, you can come to know who has visited your profile on and off. The Community or may say as users using Xpress.com are in an approximate count of 58 million members. But the site hasn’t specified the locations of users. After the Hookup, you can communicate or exchange messages using an instant message service

Profile Creation


For gaining attention among lots of hot babies, you must have an exciting profile. For filling out the same, add five cool pictures, potentially a video, write about yourself, and about the qualities or interests that you want in your better half. Also for seeking your mind, 13 open-ended personality questions have been set-up, so the system can suggest you the baby of your qualities.


Xpress.com Review: Benefits and its Peculiarities


At the point when you register on Xpress.com you are informed that 85% of messages traded inside the site lead to a hookup. Marking in is totally free yet you appreciate just the Basic degree of membership. It implies that you are somewhat restricted in choices which you are permitted to utilize. For example, you have no entrance to photograph or video content transferred by different clients. On the off chance that you want to miss certain capacities, you may redesign your record to Silver or Gold level. In any case, the kind of membership, you despite everything get a wide scope of profitable features:

Inside and out, you can view the profiles of hot ladies or whomsoever you liked there. Any part can share not just essential realities, for example, a spot of living, sexual orientation, age, key features of appearance, yet additionally progressively important data about the philosophy, leisure activities, way of life, interests, and inclinations, and so on.

Propelled scan choices are not accessible for Basic individuals but rather they despite everything can sort the clients because of their area and look at the individuals who are close by. Additionally, you have a chance to glance through the profiles of the new individuals, the most well-known ones, or the individuals who are on the site.

The news feed here is similar to that of Facebook encourages you to monitor all the movements you are associated with. Consequently, it reminds you about new messages, discloses to you when anybody looks at your profile, illuminates you about the up and coming dates, pending companion demands, and virtual endowments.

🏷️ Prices

We went to each and every aspect of the site that also includes its prices. As we have discussed above there are two types of membership that the user can avail i.e Gold Membership and Silver Membership. The prices vary the duration at which one is taking a subscription. The price of the membership is $29.95 for the first month and after that, the total amount keeps on decreasing while the saving increases such as for 3 months the amount costs only $59.95 and for 6 months it decreases more and the total amount that stands is only $149.95.

🏷️ 1 Month

$ 29.95

🏷️ 3 Months

$ 59.95

🏷️ 6 Months

$ 149.95


The site is extremely safe to use and has a special algorithm for security purposes. If the user is making any payment then he/she must insured that they don't store their credit card information. Xpress.com is the site which has a good record of less number of scams. The users who think they are revealing their data can make use of the features to be insured.


Key features of Xpress.com


🔴 Laid Guarantee of 100 days.

🔴 Interface the same as that of Facebook.

🔴 Private Chat rooms.

🔴 Video Profiles.




Local Hookups 








Ashley Madison


Final Words


From top to bottom the site is very simple and doesn't involve any complexity. The registration is quick and the access is also provided soon. The chances of having a hookup for a user are much high than any other site since they are giving a guarantee of it. If any user is concern about their security, then he/she should also be reliable on the site and we hope too that they perform well on this topic. Overall, if one is looking for enjoyment and just want quick dating then this site or place can be heaven for them  Whatever your age might be, looking for a Partner for sexual encounters and serious hookups, Xpress.com is everything where you can Review around. All the features and important topics have been covered in the Article. That’s from this. Cheers! Have a great day on HookupXpert !

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  • Xpress.com Review: Benefits and its Peculiarities
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  • 🏷️ 3 Months
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