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WellHello Review


What is Well Hello


WellHello is an online dating service community. It is not only for singles but for those couples too who wish to have fun and get laid on. One can easily find what his will is expecting, be it one night stand or a long term serious relationship. The site has a large number of people who are hot as chilly and extremely seductive. They are craving and looking for somebody who can be naughty with them. WellHello is not a dating site. Moreover, we can it is a site where one can perform experiments and check his desires of sexuality.

WhatsYourPrice.com Review is a Digital Hookup Portal for the people seeking for various relationship orientations. Regardless of whether you’re here for long-term affairs or just one-night stands, the site proves to deliver its client the best service that had never before. On the off chance, the site is much more different than that of any other dating service provider. The thing that makes WhatsYourPrice.com unique is its date bidding facility i.e. as a relationship seeker, you need to bid here for your date. That’s what the site depends on.

Basically, being a beginner over this site, you simply need to complete the profile, send the offers with a bid to the cuties, and if the offers are accepted, you can then go out with your matched partner to a date. Sounds pretty well! Perhaps, let’s look forward to a complete WhatsYourPrice.com Review.


About WellHello Review


Dating platforms, usually nowadays are segregated according to their community interest. As far, Hookup dating, Casual Relationships i.e for One Night stand, Serious affairs and various sexual orientations are the intentions of communities. Perhaps , WellHello Review  is built-up for singles hoping for One Night Stand , swingers and much more sexual adventures.

WellHello is a Casual Platform where after signing in you will get various functionalities and a modern generation agenda to look forward to. Most exciting feature is it’s smooth experience in video chat and video streaming as well. WellHello helps their clients in the route where they face certain issues.

Let’s take a quick overview of WellHello where you will get the complete knowledge about the website. So you can decide whether this platform suits you or not!



Process of Signing - Up


The procedure for joining the WellHello dating site easy and beneficial for anyone. The user who wishes to be a part of their community needs to provide just a valid email address, password, and enter his gender. The site has a policy that users should be above 18 years of age for joining this dating community. Besides this, there is also an option for signing in as a

Any sort of pre-registration information is not required for signing in on the WellHello account. Just after any user sign’s in, an option related to the account’s upgrade is available which can be skipped. The user has full control over his accounts details and can shape his account according to his will. The user should try to make his profile as detailed as possible because it can help in making good impressions on other users.


Our Summary


WellHello is straightforward implemented for casual experience for singles and couples as well. Here you will have the suggestions of the nearby individuals who are too searching for their better halves. Well, right from the registration to chatting, you need not to wait for longer. That sounds pretty good.

The other most fascinating thing is it’s survey. If you wish to take it over, you will have access to various porn sites. Not only this, but you are too accessible for private videos and photo galleries. But most important is you must have a standard subscription.

Let’s look forward to it’s vulnerabilities. Numbers of fake IDs are WellHello’s downside. This is because of the shorter registration process. But you have many ways to bypass it and search for a better partner. That’s all from our WellHello’s Summary.


WellHello's Registration and Profile Creation

Registering in WellHello’s doesn’t require any sort of amount and you can complete it in just a few minutes. Signing up requires less entries but it depends on you to add optional data to your profile. Let’s look for an registration:


Signing up


The first thing you will be asked while sining in is regarding your sex. You can add male, female or couples (A male and Female). You don’t have an option for same sex couples.

After that, you are required to provide an email address and password for verification and signing in. Then, you have to enter zip code and age. Minimum age limit is 18 and above.

The other way for registering is using facebook. You can add your facebook account and register using it quickly. But if you don’t want your facebook data over here, you can choose the first option.


Information of The Profiles


The members of the site need to provide proper email from which they sign up. This helps other users to know that the presenting member is real and not a bot. The company aims at fulfilling the security measures and reducing the number of fake profiles. Still, there are chances to be some fake profiles that are created by the companies themselves to maintain the hotness of the site.

The user of the site can view the profile photos even without upgrading the membership, but some images can only be seen and accessed by the premium members. The profiles in WellHello Review only have few details. The vast details are provided regarding the gender interest of the member, sexual interest, and a few other personal details.

Another feature that has been provided by the site is looking at how far the contacting gender is from you. The user can arrange a meetup with him/her if it is found to be in a local area.


Membership Status


After providing your email address and password you will be redirected towards the membership page. Here in front, you will be having multiple packages. If you wish you can buy or else skip it for now. Perhaps, for attracting the singles or couples, you have to build your own profile.


Profile Building


Profile is a junction which should be pretty attractive so that people can attend it. WellHello also provides further customizations from the edit profile tab. Here you can add some strings indicating yourself and the interest you want in your partner. Else you can also update age, gender, height, race, orientation, and more from this panel.




The process of communication and access to contacts is only available to the WellHello’s premium members. To send unlimited messages and flirt, one needs to upgrade his or her membership to premium users.

If one wishes to be a basic member, he may still connect to other members by liking their pictures and initiate communication. The user can add members who has attention to you as friends and one can also invite them to see and have access to view private gallery.


Free and Paid-for service in WellHello


Registration is itself a free process for both paying and non paying users. However, non paying users can’t access the premium functionalities but still they feel lucky using such a decent website. Let’s look for Free and Paid-for services.


Well Hello Pricing


WellHello is the site that claims at providing full services for the amount they take. If any user wishes to have trial then it is available at only $1. There are more prices for premium membership that include, $24.95 for a month, which you can say is a bit costly. But if the user takes a premium membership for all 12 months or a year then it is as cheap as $7.45 a month and the total amount stands at $89.40USD a year. Looking at the services, these prices are fair and not enough costly.


24 Hours $ 1


1 Month $29.95


1 Month $119.88


Get started with WhatsYourPrice.com


Registration in WhatsYourPrice.com is a little tough as it requires some more time than usual. Besides, to get registered, you need to visit the web and hit the ‘Join’ button. After this, you’ll be redirected to the Registration page. Here, enter the valid email address and set up a password. Next, you are supposed to enter the following details:

⚤ I am a (Man/Woman)

⚤ I want to (Make bids on dates/Receive bids on dates)

⚤ I am interested in meeting (Man/Woman/Both)

⚤ Display Name (Username)

⚤ City

⚤ Birthdate

After filling-out these mentioned data, you’ll then have to complete the profile criteria. What’s the profile criteria? Well, continue reading the article to get it understood.


WhatsYourPrice: Profile Completion


As said previously in the introduction, profile completion is a must when you’re a member to bid here on this website. Profile creation requires a lot of time as there are many questionnaires. The Profile Information that needs to be fulfilled is given above:

⚤ Body Type

⚤ Height

⚤ Looking for (Type of relationship)

⚤ Education

⚤ Children

⚤ Smoking (Yes/No)

⚤ Drinking (Yes/No)

⚤ Occupation

⚤ Income

Also, following these criteria, they have asked to write a few sentences about yourself and the ideal match. That’s all from the profile creation. Once, the profile is created, you can then bid for the partners.


WhatsYourPrice.com Review: How it works?


WhatsYourPrice.com has made online dating quite simple that gets you more dates with attractive people. On the off chance, you can here find singles in your area that are looking for a date now. Most important thing, as the site has unique functionality, so how it works actually? Well, look-out for further paragraphs.

Create profile: Simply fill out a brief profile and find a date. Meet available singles looking to date in your area. 

Send offers: Generous members pay only when your offer is accepted. Once a deal is made, unlock the conversation to set up your date. 

Accept Offers: Get paid to date generous men. Accept an offer or name your price for a first date and go out tonight. 

Go out for your first date: WhatsYourPrice.com promised you for a first date, now it’s up to you to secure a second. Take the conversation offline and see where it goes. If you don’t find romance, enjoy dating more women.

That’s how the site works. As per our review, we’re pretty excited to deep into it so as to get a partner using this different from all technique.

WhatsYourPrice.com: Free and paid Version




As said many times unlike any other dating portal, this site focuses on the paid services and not on the free ones. By this, we mean that its free features are limited to registration. For any manipulations, including the matchmaking and looking through the list of ladies, you have to buy a membership. However, you can read the blog posts on the website and get the knowledge of the latest trends in dating or figuring out the useful tips for using the site.




The paid membership allows you to use all of the services which allow you to find an erotic lady. For example, you can communicate with women via messages. Here online dating starts. You can make bids on dates, start a conversation by making the bid, and if the lady likes you, she takes it and responds.


WhatsYourPrice.com Review: Safety and Scam


The site has the most strongest and modern safety security algorithm i.e. SSL-Encryption. By this, the data cant be leaked or sold to any third party.  Also, to provide much more security to your account, you have an option to upgrade your level. In addition to security, you’ll also be popularized among others. That’s all from the security and scam.


Free Services


⚥ Registration.

⚥ Profile building.

⚥ Surfing the existing members.

⚥ Liking pictures.

⚥ Read-only messages.


Premium or Paid-for services


 Private pictures.

⚥ Unlimited messaging.

⚥ Sending flirts.

⚥ Text and video chat.

⚥ View profile traffic.

⚥ Private videos


Features of WellHello


There are multiple features that available on using WellHello dating services. Some most and major features services are discussed below –

1) Private Gallery – The members of the site can create and upload their photos under private galleries. If the user has accepted or invited any other member then only one may view their photos in a private gallery. The user should keep in mind that this private gallery services can only be used by those who have access to premium membership.

2) Surveys – These are the surveys that are held by the WellHello to know more about the sex life and desires of the members. There are almost 20 questions which the users need to answer and then he/she is asked to choose 1 reward from the 3 options.

3) Trial Account – The users to know more about the services of the site can have a trail that costs only $1. The user then gets access to all profile members, send them messages, and check the photos of the other users.

4) Real Reviews – Before having the premium membership, if the user wishes to know the reviews by those who are using the services of the WellHello then they can just check each review, and based on that, he/she may decide whether to get a premium membership or not.


Types of membership​


Membership ranges right from the single day visit to the site to full year. You can upgrade it according to your interest.

Take advantage of 24 Hours of Membership

If you want to take a trial for premium membership in WellHello, you have that option here. You will get 24 hours of paid trial which will cost upto 1.00 GBP.

This is the most exciting feature if you want to take trials rather than investing for monthly or annual packages. Using this, you will get access to the all premium features available on the website.

Best Adults Dating Sites 




The sooner you make your profile decent, the faster you will get attention from the crowd of singles having the same interest. That’s all what I mean for the profile.





⚥ What we like

⚥ Free signup.

⚥ Register for individual or couple of different sex

⚥ Two step registration process requires less that 3 minutes.

⚥ Email verification is a must for a membership account.

⚥ Premium subscription having video chat and streaming.

⚥ Access to Hottie’s private videos and pictures as well.




⚥ What we don’t like

Site reportedly creates fake IDs.

⚥ While registering, no verification details required.

⚥ Most of the IDs are bots.

⚥ Most irritating pop-up and full screen Advertisements.




The registration process as discussed before is quite simple and quick. It’s totally free where after signing in you will get access to the standard features of the website and then you can start your casual adventures.




The graphical user interface of WellHello is pretty classic which helps in easy navigation. Right from Searching for a single or couples of like mind to chatting and fulfilling dating dreams are achieved here in WellHello.


Contacting users with WellHello Chat


Nowadays no one is unfamiliar with chatting interfaces. In the same sense, WellHello’s chatting panel is quite similar to that of Facebook. You can easily send and receive standard and direct messages but most important that you must be a paying member.


How to contact user


  1. Navigate for the users of like mind and if found visit their profile.
  2. To start messaging, click on the message button placed on the lower-right of the profile picture.
  3. n the message pop-up send the message and your conversation will be stored in the message panel.


Final words

WhatsYourPrice.com is an outstanding website with unique matchmaking functionality. To go out with a partner to date, you need to simply complete the profile, send the offers with a bid to the cuties, and if the offers are accepted, the date is yours. On the off chance, all important points are covered in this article. If any query please visit the website for further help. Cheers! Have a great day ahead on HookupXpert.com. WellHello is the dating site that can help the user to fulfill their sex desires. By using this site, one may find a naughty individual to have flirt and sleep as well. If any user is wishing to have a serious relationship or thinking to make a one-night stand, then becoming a WellHello member is a profitable card. The user must avail of the premium membership for sending unlimited messages, have flirtings, and viewing private galleries. The user has a chance of meeting hundreds of hot chics or men’s and may not end up wasting their time Best Hookup Review Singles or couples looking for sexual encounters, WellHello is not less than anything. Most of the salient features are being discussed in this article for further information you can visit the website and start finding your better halves. That’s all from this article. Cheers! Have a great day by HookupXpert .