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Pure Dating


Pure Dating Review

Pure Review is a dating app that claims to its user for providing instant hookups and find sex partners. Pure is a simple dating app that delivers the need that is being demanded by a user. Like other dating apps, pure doesn’t involve any complexity and just looks at what the user is seeking. One
thing should be kept in mind before joining this app that it will not fetch any user with a decent, so anyone seeks to find a life partner here then it’s not worthy.

The pure dating app was launched in October 2014. Since its launch, it has been getting a tough competition from other dating apps such as tinder. The reason for this is that it lets the user to have easy and casual sex quickly. The concept of the profile is simple, any user is just given an hour before their profile vanishes. During the one hour, the user can send a ‘georequest’ for having casual sex. Under the time provided, the user can find matches near them and even chat with the people that are nearby. The user can also ask for contact details and set up a date with the partner.

The pure dating app has a very innovative interface. Here we will have a close glimpse of the dating app and let one know about how the services are worth. 


Signing Up at Pure Review 


First, the user needs to download the app from google play store and after that, the step for registration is up. The user should not forget to grant the needed permission that the app is asking. The profiles in the app are temporarily created and are deleted just after an hour. There,
the user needs to create a new profile every time he/she wants to use Pure services. For creating an account, the user should open the app and grant permission. The permissions include the email of the user, mobile number, and the payment information. As the profile is deleted just after an hour so the app collects the personal data just to have a personal experience of any user.

After providing the access, the user needs to choose if they want to register via phone or email. After this, the user select their gender, confirm email and confirm them it’s you. Further, the app asks for what reason you are here and what things is one looking for. Once all this information is set, the user needs to turn on the location. The reason for this is that only then it may find the nearby user that using the services. One should not forget to upload a good photo of themselves. For better results, the user should enter their sexual preferences, gender, and nothing else.


How to Make Contact On Pure


The profile created by the user turns into a meeting request which serves as a broadcast for the people who live near your local location. There is a game of luck too as one may not find a  match easily. One who wants quick hookups should be at a location where there are many Pure

The concept of pure is new. The users can contact other peoples by doing basic chats. The best match is made when both are expecting the same thing and want to have sex. To contact the other user, they first need to like each other. This is the only way then, the chatbox is activated.


Quality Of Profiles


The form of the profile used in the Pure app is just short duration and after that, it is removed and the user needs to create the profiles again. Once the account is created then the user’s photo and his name are only visible to the other side. This means the user needs a good and dashing photo to get noticed by the other users.

Creating a temporary profile can be both good as well useless. It keeps the user anonymous and in the same way, the users found are also anonymous. It is better and most useful to go with fill precautions keeping the safety measures in mind.


Advantage and Disadvantage of Pure


Like any other dating app or site, pure also have some good qualities as well as bad. We would like to discuss the positive aspects first.

1) The data security provided by the app is way too good.

2) The self-destructive profiles i.e 1 Hour after which the profiles are self-destroyed feature
leads to quick sexual hookups.

3) The matches provided by the apps are mostly real.




1) Even the free trial needs the credit card information of the user.

2) The time limitations bound to have a less number of active users.

3) Any user cannot show their personality apart from selfie.




Pure is a safer option as compared to Tinder. The profile created vanishes just after an hour. This feature makes the chances of scams very less and presents only the real or genuine user. The details provided by the user is secure and everything goes well on the site.




Pure is a good and genuine option if one is looking for having a quick hookup. The users available in this app are also very good and the maximum is not the bots. They have the  purpose as you have. The security feature of the app is also very impressive as most of the information provided to the app are kept safe by the Pure App management Hookupxpert .