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About Jaumo Review


Jaumo.com is the best dating application available for android and iOS as well. On the off chance, Jaumo’s dating-based features can be only accessible through your smartphones rather than from a website. Because the website only has the information related to dating tips and about the company. Besides, in today’s article, we’ll be exploring the Jauomo android and iOS applications on which it can be proved whether it’s trustworthy and safe to use or just a scam!! So, further on, let’s look forward to this Jaumo Review to get the things cleared before starting up with it.



Get started with Jaumo.com


Registration into the Jaumo application is all simple and takes just a bunch of 3-5 minutes depending upon the user’s speed. Perhaps, there are two possibilities for registration. The first one is using Facebook and the second one with manual entry. On the off chance, if you’ve your Facebook account, you can proceed with it else, go with manual entry. Also, we recommend you go with manual registration because they can, in future access your private data in jauomo.

To register with Jaumo, simply download the Jaumo Application from Play Store (For Android) or App Store (For iPhones). Open the application and if you’re the new user here, click on ‘Start Your Story’ Next, you’ll be asked certain questions regarding yourself. The things asked here in registration are listed above:



 Date of Birth
 Do you wanna see people nearby?


Awesome! These are the only things you need to mention while manual registration whereas if you want to register using Facebook, simply click on register using Facebook and enter your account credentials. That’s pretty simple.


Jaumo Review: Profile creation


The next important thing when it comes to perfect match-making is your ‘Profile’ Well, if someone asks me, what is the first thing on which lady gets attracts to you? Of course, my answer will be my Profile. It’s only the thing which is referred to first before communications. Perhaps, to complete the profile criteria above things must be mentioned:

 Name .
 Location .
 A few sentences about yourself .
 Upload your latest dashing picture .

That’s so easy! After filling-out this you’re free to access the application’s content with matching-up with a bold lady.


Jaumo Dating Application: Interface


What’s the first thing which attracts us to any dating web portal? Well, My answer will be its Interface. Most of the time, interface only speaks-up all displaying the situation of the Dating Site. On the off chance, the interface of Jaumo is easy with light theme and no additional and dark functionalities. The HomeScreen of Jaumo has just five options mentioning Zapping, Nearby, Likes, Messages and, Profile. Zapping is all about booking for a partner. It’s functioning is similar to that of Tinder.

If you like any profile, simply tick on the Yes button else you have to go with No. If the partner, whom you ticked as Yes, reverts back with Yes tick, you’ll be matched. You can then communicate and have further adventures. Well, that’s all was about the Jaumo Interface.


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Jaumo Review: Company’s Story


Jaumo is a global dating app that two long-time friends and social tech entrepreneurs founded in 2011 after finding their own life partners through online dating. They were lucky: it wasn’t easy back then to find true love online. So they tried to change that.

Both the friends realized they could help others find love with the right technology if they could connect real people yearning for real experiences. The word Jaumo is Aramaic for “a new day.” For them, it was the promise of authentic moments in a new era of global connection.


Jaumo Review: Safety and privacy



At Jaumo, user satisfaction and quality assurance are a priority. See how their Anti-Fraud System works and learn how to detect fakes, romance scammers, and spam.

  Detection: System scans for unusual activity, like messages to many users.


  Encryption: Encrypted data transmission and the highest security standards.


 Monitoring: 24/7 support team reacts quickly to every suspicious activity.


  Report: Abuse reports by their members are processed within minutes.


⚤ Verification: Promote user verification via a selfie picture to confirm it is you on the app.



So, guys, these are some of the special security tiers implemented by Team Jaumo in order to detect and throw away the scammers and spammers.


Jaumo Review: Final Verdicts


Well, Jaumo is the best ever dating application supported in Android and iOS devices. You can here register using Facebook and through manual entry. The features of this app are quite similar to those of Tinder and other applications. It’s best when it comes to multiple tier security and Jaumo delivers all it in a single app. That’s all from this article. Cheers! Have a great day ahead on HookupXpert .


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