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About Badoo Review


Badoo stands apart as a global web-based social networking stage with a cool attitude and most popular for its well-implemented nearby Matching Algorithm. Made by Andrey Andreev back in 2006, it’s developed rapidly to turn into the world’s most broadly utilized dating platform. Badoo Review is not all about the Dating and Hookups but it also covers social games, quizzes, and much more than any Social Media Platform must have!

We believe that on the off chance that more than 423 million individuals believe it’s acceptable, at that point it most likely is. Be that as it may, are there any drawbacks to the Badoo application? We chose to have an inside and out glance at Badoo to perceive what it’s everything about and make our own Badoo audit for you.



Get Registered with Badoo


No doubt, Badoo Review is the Most prominent Social Media as well as Dating Network Globally. It enhances the feature of Free Registering in the Platform to deal with the Standard Membership. Perhaps, let’s take a quick overview of the Registration Process.

🔴 Visit and You will be Redirected to their HomePage, where you need to Choose your gender to get yourself registered.

🔴 Now, You will be asked to indicate the reason behind the use of your profile, you have to choose between “Chat”, “Make new friends” or “Date”

🔴 Thereafter, it’s now time to enter your personal data which may be including Name, date of birth, location, and a valid email address.

🔴 After filling out the criteria, hit the “Create Account” button.



Overview of Badoo Review


Congrats, Your account is being created successfully but the thing is your profile should be fulfilled. For that, you have to include the cool images that can attract hot babes, write certain things with respect to yourself, the inclusion of your hobbies and your interests which is, at last, the most important thing as you will be suggested as per your interest.

For Certain Verification, you need to link you other social media accounts so they can identify who you said is. After the overall verification, you will be having a blue tick at the bottom of your profile. That’s all from the Registration, now take a look at the Free and Premium Features of Badoo.



Free and Paid-for Services


As said earlier, Sign-up is a completely free process and it never costs you. Regardless, when you have created an account successfully you are free to access the Encounter’s game that has Yes/No Functionality. Let me explain. You have one profile in front of you if you click yes and the user with the same profile to clicks yes for you, you can have a chat. That’s all and simple for use.


The Key Feature of Badoo is “Nearby” Option i.e If you enabled this feature, you will have the suggestion for people residing near your location.

As usual, Badoo’s free membership includes or supports the advertisement. You will be displayed the irritating sets of ads whenever you open a new menu or new page in Badoo. To rescue from this situation, you can use the ads-blocker but however, our experience using ads-blocker was worst at the Website stops working in between. For keeping ads aside, you must use pay-for services.





$ 2.99


$ 7.99




$ 19.99



Premium Membership


Singles if wanna mingle in Dating Platform which certain uniqueness inside you, you must have to use Premium Package which includes the following:

The advantage in Encounter’s Game: In the game whole of Yes/No, Premium Membership gives you the advantage to Look for the Individuals who voted ‘Yes’ for you.

Invisible Mode: Everyone wants their Identity to be hidden while surfing in the Dating Platforms. Yeah! Badoo gives you the power to become invisible and access the services being invisible.

Undo for Votes: Again in Encounter’s game, you have an option to edit or update the last Vote. From Yes to No and from No to Yes, you all can do using Undo Last vote.

Chat: In free Services, you were only allowed to use standard features that do not include Chatting. Here, using membership you have the freedom to chat with your loved ones.

Ads-free: Dating sites without premium membership have lots of irritations and the most important among them is Advertisement. If you are Paid-for Member, no more ads are going to be displayed for. You can have Ads-free access to the site.



Premium package


To be a User with unlimited functionality in Badoo, you need to have a Premium Package which costs around 12.99 AUD to 79.99 AUD. Let’s look for the costing of Badoo in-depth:

One-Day Trial: If you think that this Platform doesn’t suit you, it gives you a Trial facility of Day One which costs $0.79.

One-Week: For a one-week Subscription, you have to count $4.00 per week.

One-Month: The Monthly Subscription in Badoo will cost you $13.49 where you are gonna save $10.21!

Three-Month: The Three Month Plan will be costing at $10.66 per month and $31.99 total for three months.

Six-Month: It will cost you $8.00 per month and $47.99 total per six months.

Lifetime: Badoo also offers you a lifetime subscription at the cheapest rate just for $79.00 and after that, all the website is yours to access lifetime.

Message Priority: If you wish to be on the top of your Babe’s Chat Window, this feature is just built-up only for you.



Community in Badoo


The Badoo was built-up in back 14 years and now it is regarded not only as a separate dating platform but, it’s a Multinational Social Media Network that has around 60 million active users per month and nearly 350 million messages per day. Sounds pretty good! The people over here are from the average age between 20 to 35 having intentions to find their better half, have some romance, take for a date, and much more. It also has an approximate count of 300,000 Registrations on a daily basis.











Final Words


As per our Badoo Review, its most prominent Dating Platform used by the community from worldwide, whom they’re looking for their partners to flirt, date and hookup. Badoo Website is most user-friendly and looks familiar when in use. I hope, most of the features have been covered above in this article. That’s all. Cheers! Have a good day on Hookupexpert !

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